The Essence of Countryside Luxury

As far back as 1928, the history of coffee growing has been an integral part of the Karunguru heritage. Carefully nestled on 500 acres of a vast coffee farm, Karunguru Golf and Coffee estate beautifully showcases modern contemporary styled residential homes with a classic country living flair whilst paying homage to the rich heritage that is signature to Karunguru.

Become a part of the Karunguru Heritage


Incorporated as a private limited company, Karunguru Coffee and Golf Estate is owned by the Kariithi family who have grown coffee for over 40 years. It is a pleasure to invite you to own a part of this rich heritage. The lush green country environment dotted with scenic hills, smooth valleys and fresh country air is a 20 minute drive from the city centre. The Estate is presented on 194 acres with easily accessible infrastructure that unveils a well designed communal themed living interweaving itself with the rich coffee farming culture.

Karunguru Coffee and Golf Estate

Located only 8 Km off the Thika Superhighway, the Karunguru Coffee and Golf Estate comprises of 180 mixed typology villas. Each living space has been well thought out and designed to the highest possible standard with family, business and relaxation in mind giving it an authentic feel and at the same time being kind to the surrounding environment. Manicured lawns, ever green golf courses, water dams, horse paddocks, common recreational areas combined with a coffee museum to deliver first class quality.

Our selection of Thailand Japanese Villas portray the traditional oriental style of living with gently curved roofs, low ceilings and hardwood floor finishes.

Our Selection of Modern American villas available in A type and B type open-plan style Villas bring out the seamless open spaces giving that give your home that signature airy feel.